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Wayne Chemical Inc. manufactures a unique binary system of patented alkaline, liquid hydrogen peroxide products for enhanced sanitation of all departments including critical ready-to-eat operations. Alkaline hydrogen peroxide products are a less corrosive, safer alternative to existing chlorine cleaners for a variety of applications. Wayne Chemical Inc. also manufactures alkaline hydrogen peroxide powdered floor treatments for use on floors and in drains throughout your plant and during production in critical ready-to-eat areas. Alkaline hydrogen peroxide powdered products break down into water and oxygen. They are non-corrosive and put no stress on your waste water system.


The benefits of alkaline hydrogen peroxide products are:

  • Biofilm penetration
  • Increased employee safety
  • Low environmental impact
  • Non-corrosive to building materials
  • Non-corrosive to equipment
  • Non-corrosive to drains and floors
  • Low effect on wastewater systems
  • Replaces all chlorinated cleaners


Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide Products: